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Friday, May 11, 2007

Good Times and Bad

Good Times

Now that we are moving back to Canada there was a small problem, when we moved here one of the things I bribed the twins with was the fact that we were so close to all the European countries that we would be able to travel and see some of Europe. So when we told them that we were going home they said "what about seeing Europe". So I thought I would take them somewhere before we left and I decided on Spain because it is so cheap to get there, and there was sun!!! Spain was great. We were there for a week. We had lots of sun, we saw old buildings, shopped, took an old train to the other side of the island to Soller and just had some good mommy daughter time, oh and Shanaya did some bull riding. We went with my friend Dawn French and her daughter Lauren. We went to Spain, in the Balearic Islands, the Island of Majorca, City of Palma, tourist area of Palma Nova. This island seems to be wealthy and was very nice and clean. I'm not sure if it would be what the rest of Spain would be like.

Bad Times

We have had to say good-bye to Mungo. We signed an agreement that we gave up breeding rights to Mungo thinking it meant that we would just not breed him but to the breeder here that meant she would be phoning us non stop to take him to shows, sign him up for behaviour classes, come by to take pictures and when he was a year take him for a physical to see if he would make a good stud. She had him for 5 hours and when she brought him back she told us she had a solution, instead of us taking him to Canada and her giving up her breeding rights, she wanted to give us a new puppy. She said she thought Mungo would make a good stud and was not ready to give up her stud rights. We had a feeling this was coming so we gave him up and did not take a new puppy. We figured with the move and not knowing where we were going to live it would be easier without a pup. Soo, we are dogless. I am the only one who had tears over this but the girls were promised a new puppy of the same breed so they are OK for now. I will be OK too but it just seems to add to everything and I think I have had a full plate and it is starting to runeth over with tears. Don't the girls look sad though.


At 7:26 p.m., Blogger Sonia said...

Spain! Wow how cool is that?!!!! I need to confess that my fantasy was to travel one day to visit you all over in Ireland and now I feel like I don't have the same reasons to go...so that part makes me sad (but only for a moment).

Mungo! That sucks!! He looks so cute! I can only imagine how attached you had become...So I send you a hug or two or three!

So what is it two more months?


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