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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gary's Turn

Gary got to go on his adventure with Sharon, Jenny and Kevin, the 3 that took me on mine. Only this time there was a sleep over and that meant tents and sleeping bags had to be carried!

Gary became the mule horse and packed a good load on his back all the way up and down the mountain. This was Carrantwohill the tallest mountain in Ireland, the same one I climbed, minus the tent and sleeping bag. They spent the night in a hut that was constructed out of rock and plastered on the inside. Gary use to think it would be cool to live like and monk but as this was similar to what the monks slept in he has rethought this and no, he no longer has such desires. He gave up and slept outside as he was feeling a little claustophobic. He did have a wonderful time of reflection and a little physical challange and overall a great adventure.


At 6:26 a.m., Anonymous Susan said...

You guys are having a lot of cool adventures! This place looks so beautiful. Good thing you work out Gar!


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