Rain Happens

Monday, February 20, 2006

Well, it snowed. The kids had a great time in it. They were very thankful that they had at least one more opportunity to play in snow. TaLeah made up her own olympic event, snow biking! We are still hoping for a big dump of snow so we can go sledding and have a bon fire. But along with the snow comes cold and bad road conditions. This day of snow another car ended up in the lake near our house(happens often) and I bet he was not to happy to have snow. The one picture is the view from our front porch. Doesn't snow have a way of being peacful!So fresh and pure and hides things that aren't. Well we have 1 more sleep until we go to Disneyland, Universal Studios and The Medival Dinner and yes I'm very excited, I think everyone else is also. Well better keep packing. I'll update when we get back.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Hi again... we had a great presentation at our old church First Baptist in Kelowna. Gary preached on our ministry verse Matt 7:24-27. We had a great response and got three monitary pledges so far and of course lots of encouragement and prayer support. We have a lot of Ireland stuff around the house so we were able to set up a display with our brochures and some books and pictures. Felt a little silly but it worked. Well it does seem to be Gods will that we go to Ireland because the support has been overwhelming! So many people want to be involved in so many ways.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

We had a great meeting at our house with our Rain Happens board on Jan.31.
They are left to right Jen Peters, Dave Goertzen, Rob Duncan, Bill Hibberd, Janna Reid, and Jack Borchert.
They will be over seeing our ministry from Canada after we move, looking after pledges and making sure the ministires needs are met. In the mean time, they are helping us raise pledges, structure the ministry( get everything on paper and properly organized) and encourage us. They are also who we are accountable to on how the pledges are used( no holiday condos in Spain!!) and if special projects come up in Ireland that Canadians can participate in, such as building a camp, they will help coordinate getting people to us. We will continue to meet about once a month untill we move which is great because we need all the help we can get!