Rain Happens

Monday, April 24, 2006

PRAISE THE LORD, it looks like our house is sold. We put an offer on the house that you see below, the second one from the top and the guy accepted it straight away(that is how they say right away here). That in itself is a miracle. Usually they leave it open and let people make other offers that are better that yours so you never know for sure until the decide they have enough.
We went to a local pub and watched Munster beat Leinster in a huge rugby match, Munster being the province Cork is in, and Munster won!! It was sweet. We even found some cheep rugby shirts that were for Munster to wear, only $6.We have only had one down pour and some very lovely sunny days. The people have been very hospitible. We shared in church yesterday, both Gary and myself about our childhoods and how we became Christians. There was no time for Gary to preach after that but there will be plenty of time for that later.
Today we are looking for schools for the girls and trying to get our finances in order for the purchase of the house. Much has changed since we were here 7 years ago, modern malls,fitness centers and good coffee! We will be back in Canada in 3 days so I will update with pic then. Bye for now.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Well, here we go. Off to Ireland to search for a house. The problem is our house in Summerland has not sold yet. I guess our schedule is not the Lords. Why our house is not selling is a mystery that we hope to see the answer to in the future. While we are in Ireland we also have to register the twins for school, set up our banking, find out how many billions of euros we can qualify for towards a mortage and I'm sure there are other things we will need to do that we have not thought of. We are going to have to make a list of our favorite homes 1-10is and see what is still available when we have sold ours. Well I'll have lots of pics for you all when we get back on the 27th. Pray for Tianna as she is having some morning sickness issues and is a little bummed.