Rain Happens

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Salon Swabey
That is new name of my kitchen. In the last month I have done everybody's hair in the family including myself, that is 5 hair cuts, 2 sets of streaks, two colours and a good brushing with a pony tail, and now my dad tells me he needs a trim. I have had a hard time with the amounts the salons charge here for hair cuts so I have cut my hair myself since my last hair cut in Summerland in June. It averages €40 for a haircut here, that is $60 and that is a good price. I figure I saved our family somewhere between $400 and $500 dollars just for our hair this month. I am thankful for having the skill. I have also done some cuts for others in the neighbourhood and church at €15 and €20 that is $23-$40 each which is a deal for them and good money for me. Are you surprised at the girls hair? I finally gave in and did the colour and streak thing. I did not want to start this because it will never end I'm sure. As you can see in the picture of both of the twins their sence of fashion is well, what can I say, different!!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Well here he is. Grandpa Gary. I am sooo jealous that Gary got to see Danai first, but on the other hand so happy for him too, as he was just an itchen to get at her. Tianna was so thoughtful as to surprise her dad and drive to Kelowna on the day he arrived, he did not expect to see her until the next day when he drove to Summerland. I asked Tianna if her dad had a tear in his eye when he saw Danai and she didn't see that but he practially ripped her out of the car seat barely waiting for Tianna to undo the seatbelt. When I see this picture of Gary holding Danai it is almost deja vu, it reminds me so much of Gary holding Tianna. The chubby cheeks and bald head, she is a beaut!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Exploring Ireland is something we are trying to get the twins into but after you have seen one castle ruin and old church you have seem them all, according to the girls that is. I bribed them to come on one of the adventures that Sharon and Jenny got me to go on. They talked my old bible college friend Dawn and her daughter Lauren into it as well, promising it was a nice walk. We were to go to a little church called Gougane Barra first and then on a hike in some forests somewhere close by but after our visit to the church the sky opened up and we had to make a run for the car. It actually hailed on us. So our little hike was abandoned for lattes and fries in Macroom. Our visit to the church was nice though, we went in and had a quiet moment, then had a look around the grounds. This is not my own pic of the church as it was very rainy and dark by the time I went to take the picture. There are the twelve stations of the cross and cells that the monks use to live in. There was also ruins of a little old building, not too sure what it was. Here is a web site that give some more info www.all-ireland.com Click onto attractions and g then Gougane Barra. It is hard to believe that monks lived and slept in these tiny spaces, it was cold when we were there and I can't imagine what it must have been like! It makes me wonder what kind of faith I truley have and if I would be willing to live under these difficult circumstances if that is where God was leading me. Try double left clicking on the pics to see them in all their glory.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

New Blogger Frustrations!
I changed over to the new blogger mostly because I was forced to and I seem to have taken off the ability for you all to comment. I loved MOST of your comments so if you still cannot comment now, I have tried to change things, send me an email instead. gdswabey@iol.ie Waiting to hear from you!

Monday, February 05, 2007

If you see this man please feed him, do his laundry, give him a place to sleep and encourage him! Gary is on his way to Canada as I type this! He is going home to explain why we are all going home in more detail and to see if he can find out what Gods will is for our family in the future. His dreams of growing Gods kingdom in Ireland seemed to have hit a brick wall. We now have the house for sale, pray for at least two interested parties so there will be a bidding war. We need the Euro also to be up on the dollar so we can get back without a big hit on the old wallet.

The book Gary is holding by the for sale sign is called "When I Lay My Isaac Down". Which is all about looking for Gods will and laying down your own in difficult situations. Gary is laying down his Ireland and waiting to see how God rewards his obedience. This 16 year dream of his has been sacrificed for his family and I believe God will honour this. Unlike many men who would follow their desire to live more for their career that their family, Gary is not putting his family aside for his. God can use him to the fullest and still have his family cared for. We have all benefited from this move. The girls have got to experience a different culture, Gary and I have lived in each others back pockets for the last 6 months, spending quantity and quality time together, and we are still talking and Gary now understands what it is like in the day to day grind of full time motherhood dishes ,laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, music lessons, homework, children fighting, etc. (and he wants out!), but loves me more because of it.