Rain Happens

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

We had our first presentation of Rain Happens Ministries at Summerland Baptist Church and it went well. We were able to clear up a few rumours about us such as why, when and how long. People had heard a various assortment of tales and we need to set things straight. We opened the evening with TaLeah playing Step By Step on her guitar which was very special to us. It is a song that has always ment a lot to us and to see TaLeah be keen on playing in public was great. It was her idea too! Shanaya helped by running the DVD player for us when we showed a short clip of life in Ireland as it is now. We were also there to give them ideas on how they can support the ministry. Many are keen go over to Ireland and help in some way. Maybe in hammering a few nails when( hopefully not if) the new camp begins to take shape also in helping run camps or weekend conferences on programs that have worked well at SBC such as The Alpha Marriage Course and various sunday school programs. We also have a family who wants to come and see how they can be involved and are willing to go to Ireland for anywhere from 2-5 years. We have had 4 pledges for monitary support already! Sorry the picture of the crowd is so dark. We figure around 100 people came out but many who could not make it took our brochure earlier in the day at church. We are looking forward to presenting the minisry to our old church First Baptist Church in Kelowna on Feb. 5. Pray for God to move many hearts to see the need in Ireland and want to grow the Kingdom!

Monday, January 16, 2006

During our quest to replace ice hockey for the girls and possibly softball as well,(there might be softball in Ireland), we were looking at the web site for sports in Cork and saw fencing. In our local rec program in Summerland fencing was being offered by a couple that have helped coach our Canadian Olympic team so I asked the girls if it would be something they would be interested in trying and they said sure. Well that was in Sept and they love it. Fencing is big in Europe and there is a Fencing Club in Cork City. The girls are also interested in trying field hockey which is also big in Europe. They love being involved in sports which makes us happy because it keeps them fit and busy. There are so many things to consider when you move a family. We will also have to find a guitar teacher for TaLeah and a piano teacher for Shanaya as well as a place to buy quilt fabric for Denise to satisfy her addiction. Gary has already found a gym for us in a great new facility the last time he went over there.It is getting harder for us to maintain our youthful bods but we keep trying HaHa!! Now we just have to find a Tim Hortons and a good Christian Book store and everyone will be happy.

Hi, sorry if you have been trying to leave comments and were unable to do so. Still learning the blog thing and found out we were only set up to recieve comments from other bloggers. It has been fixed,I think! So comment away, we look forward to your comments.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Just a quick note to let you all see what a generous heart Shanaya has. She cut off her hair and donated it to make wigs for cancer patients. She really liked her long hair but is getting use to it short and knows it will grow again.

Monday, January 09, 2006

Well Christmas has come and gone. It was a bit flat for us and hard knowing it may be our last one in Canada. Christmas Eve we had 2 church services so Gary was gone from 5:30-9:30 then had to get to bed early as there was a service the next morning because it was Sunday on Christmas day this year. That also ment that Luke had to get up early to do music so even though Tianna and Luke slept over we really never got to have a great visit. We didn't even have time for my famous Christmas morning brunch. We did however have a wonderful dinner at Garys mom and dads house in Kelowna. All of Garys immediate family were there. We had planned to go tobagganing and have a fire and hot dog roast on boxing day but the weather was too warm and melted all the snow. New Years also fell on a Saturday night so early to bed that night but we had friends over on New Years day night. I am sounding like a bit of a moaner but I had hoped our last Christmas here would be perfect. Oh well on to better topics HOCKEY!! Canada rocks!! We won the world junior hockey again this year beating the Russians in the final game. Even sweeter was beating the Americans to get there. We were not even considered a team to worry about this year. Next is the Olympics. I can only hope they win gold again as they did 4 years ago, men and women I might add. So yes you can see I am a hockey freak and will be looking to replace my passion when we move. I think maybe rugby?