Rain Happens

Monday, July 23, 2007

Hi there, not much to report right now except Gary will be working for Gord Turner cleaning up reno sites and delivering materials to other sites. He bought himself some steel toed work boots and is ready to go. If you want to email us here is our address. rainhappens@hotmail.com Cheers.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Zerberts at last
Well I have been in Canada for almost a week and a half and have had a Danai fix almost every day. She is sweeter than I could have imagined. I feel sorry for Gary sitting in Ireland in the rain missing his family. It is nice to be home, even though we are homeless at this time but on the other hand it is a big sigh that our time in Ireland with Rain Happens ministry has come to an end. We had envisioned so much more but Kirbey is an important part of our life and God has called us to care for her and so here we are. Gary will be in Summerland on July 19th. Please pray for our house in Ireland to sell and our car also. This is weighing heavy on us as it will be finacially difficult to pay rent and a mortage. We will update you on our future as it unfolds, it looks like Kelowna will be our home for sure but check back for updates as we bring our time blogging as Rain Happens to a close.