Rain Happens

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Spiritual Conversations Happen
Gary has had a few opportunities to use his office for more that just study and sermon prep. This fellow is searching and has lots of questions and he found "The Monk Hut/Dog House" a place that was comfortable to sit and talk to Gary about some of these questions. It is not common to meet for coffee here and not many people will ask you to their home so this is a great alternative. Pray that Gary would have a few more opportunities to talk to others in this blessed place, and thank-you to all who made it possible.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Marathon Man

Gary ran a marathon today, yes a marathon. That is 26 miles 385 yards or 42.195 kilometers. His time was 3 hrs 48 min and a few secs. He did this with only a couple of months of training. Yes I am proud of him. If you double click on the pic with the statue in it you can see Gary coming in on the final stretch, he is wearing a blue shirt. It was a great sunny day, this in itself was a miracle. It was also nice that Garys mom and dad could be here from Canada to watch. Before he did this he was pretty sure he would not bother with another one but now that he has done it he thinks maybe he will try the Kelowna marathon with his brother. I told him it is kind of like having a baby, the first one is unkown and scary but once you've done it and live through the pain and get the reward you start thinking about the next time.