Rain Happens

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Please Pray
We have had a fellow named Pat Disken pass away this week. Pat and his wife Michelle attend our church. Pat had a tumor removed from his brain 6 weeks ago and we all thought he was on the mend and had to go through chemo and he had a chance. But on Thursday he took a turn for the worse when they discovered the tumor had grown back and was larger. We were told he did not have long. Pat however did not make it through the night. The church family is small and this has affected them all.
Gary has the opportunity to speak infront of a lot of people as Pat was well know. He made it clear to his wife he did not want a Catholic funeral but an evangelical funeral and this will be different for the majority of people that will be attending.
Traditions here are very different from what we are used to. There is usually a service where Catholic prayers are said and another service that is more like a memorial. The body is present for the prayer service in an open cascket and then taken home to the family. We are not sure yet if he is also present at the memorial.
So instead of the prayers they have asked Gary to do two services, one smaller than the other. This is a bit of a challenge for Gary as he pretty much has to say the same thing twice in two different ways.
Pray Gary can present a new idea of what it means to know and follow Jesus and maybe some new contacts who are interested to know more.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

I can't help myself,
Just have to show her off!!
I just don't feel like a grandma yet, I have to touch and smell. I hope Danai is ready for lots of lovin.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Amazing Shanaya

When Gary's brother and his family were here we went downtown Cork city. While we were wondering around we came across a street performer. He was asking for volunteers and Shanaya put up her hand and was picked. First he had her juggling but as you can see it was him juggling through a jacket that he put his hands through and then he had her toss him knives. Gary and I were a little tense at this point and Shanaya was a little unsure if she wanted to do it but do it she did and never made a mistake. She made €5.00 in the process (about $7.60). Isn't she cute!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Easter In Ireland
He has Risen, He has Risen Indeed
The weather was beautiful this Easter Sunday. There is me catching a few rays and TaLeah stopped the ice cream truck and got herself a 99, that is a soft ice cream with a flake bar stick into it. The ice cream truck makes its rounds all year long, the Irish seem to love their 99's.

Gary preached on how without the resurrection there is no point in celebrating Easter. Gary explained to the children that the seed that is planted in the ground looks dead but is given a new form when it grows into either a flower or a carrot or a tomato. Jesus conquered death and
received His glorified body and in doing so gave the same opportunity to those who believe and follow Him. What is it we need to believe? That Jesus really lived here on earth, that He was who He said He was (God in the flesh), that none of us humans are without fault and therefore separated from God, Jesus sacrificed Himself for our faults, conquered death and now is in eternity with God waiting for those who believe all this. Sounds amazing and it is. A life spent finding out who Jesus was and
is and how He would have us live, is an amazing journey. It sure has been for us. Hey am I preaching? Move over pastor Gary!!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Couldn't - help - myself, pictures toooo cute.
Here are some more pics to add to the previous post. Michael wanted to see a leprechaun so we bought him this hat and told him to look in the mirror! Shanaya and Michael having fun downtown Cork. TaLeah in stocks at the old city gaeol (jail). Rachel, Shanaya,and TaLeah being angelic in the Muckross Abby.

The kids having a
marshmallow roast over candles on the kitchen floor, what, they were bored, we supervised.
Double left click to see the pics larger.

Eloquent Speech and Family Fun

We had a wonderful time showing Gary's brother John and his wife Elizabeth and their kids Michael and Rachel around Kinsale, Killarney,Cork and Blarney,Ireland. We even managed to talk TaLeah into kissing the Blarney Stone! She thought she had to repell to the stone and that thought scared her. We convinced her to come to the top and got her to lay down only to see extreme fear in her eyes when she saw how far backwards and upside down she had to go, but she did it! Shanaya who has no fear of heights had no problem. Now my girls will have eloquent speech as the legend goes.We had sunny weather the whole time and ate fish and chips, had to eat a little Irish because the weather sure wasn't.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

We all need the hope of Easter
This is rather a sad picture and it reminds us that we all need the hope that Easter brings. Gary jogs in the morning through the park behind our house and in the time we have lived here two young men have taken their lives in this park, one 18 and the latest 23 just last week. The young man had been missing for a few days before they discovered his body. This rattled Gary quite a bit because he had jogged by this very site at least twice while the fellow was missing. As Gary and I were talking we wondered how many people we pass by without noticing they are living in desperation and feel there is no hope. We just wanted to remind ourselves and others that Jesus is our hope. May your Easter season be full of the love and hope of Jesus!!!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Angelic Butterfly
Isn't Danai precious? I can't wait to zerbert that chubby little tummy. She has discovered her thumb and is quite happy with it. Along with her thumb she has discovered her feet and they have become her favorite toys.!