Rain Happens

Friday, March 31, 2006

PLEASE PRAY, we are a little stressed out. We have 17 days until we go to Ireland to look for a house and ours has not even had an offer. We have been told by all the realestate people that go through that is is well presented and shows beautifully and is not too high priced but it hasn't sold. We would like to be able to put an offer on something over there but we sure don't want to own two houses. Here are some houses we are concidering in Ireland. Pray that we would get what God intends for us to use for Kingdom work! The other problem is we have found a puppy in Ireland. The breed we were looking for, Soft Coated Wheaton Terrior. The lady said she would hold it for us but we have to be sure we have a house to go to, if we have to rent they may not allow dogs. Here is mom with puppies,(one of them could be ours) and here is one of the puppy's relative. Could you just die, they are so cute. We will also get a kitty when we go over. I have been in cat withdraw ever since Spike passed a year ago. This is the longest I have been without a cat since I was a child!! We even have names for them. I am looking for ward to walking our new dog in Ireland on all those soft days (if you are Canadian and don't know what soft days are ask me) and getting to know our new neigbourhood. When we go to Ireland we get to go see the puppies and I am hoping we can pick one out. Please pray for our house, the puppies and smooth traveling for us. Thanks!!

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

We are so excited to bring you some very great news for our family. WE are going to be grandparents. Yes it is true, we are that old? Although Denise has concidered trying to convince people that Tianna is her sister and she is going to be an auntie. They have been told before that people thought they were sisters (unbelievable but true). Our hearts are happy and sad. We will not get to be close to our new grand baby and that is hard! Tianna and Luke will make great parents and we are so happy for them!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Well Disneyland has come and gone. We had a great trip, the only thing was there were a lot of people. We thought the last week of Feb. Would be a good week to go but Monday was Presidents Day in the States and some kids had part of the week off and others had it all off. Our saving grace was something called a fast pass that we got because we were not frequent visitors. We really only stood in line a couple of times and for not more than a half hour. Watching the fireworks and lazer show were however very crowded. Gary, who hates line ups and crowds, did very well, only a little moaning.
The highlight of the week had to be seeing Tianna have scorpions put on her head during a live version of Fear Factor at Universal studios. I was having panic attacks, enough for the both of us. Luke held her hand throughout the ordeal and she had a good grip. He had to spin a wheel to decide if she had scorpions, teranchulas(not sure of the spelling?), a big fat lime green snake, or cock roaches( big ones) put on her.
The twins said the trip was better than they imagined it would be so that is great. As you can see by TaLeahs pic it was exhausting. We walked non stop four 4 days, 2 of those days at least 12 hours. But it was well worth it! Our time a The medieval Dinner was also great. We got a little taste of what it was like to go to a jousting tournament which is cool because we are going to live where they use to do it. We felt we had seen all we could see at Disney and Universal Studios so on Sunday we went to Saddleback Church which is Rick Warrens church. He is the guy who wrote The Purpose Driven Life. We lucked out and he was speaking, he was great. God has given him such a great knack to bring scripture to life and make it relevant. We also went to Rick Schulers church The Crystal Cathedral, not for a service(not really our cup of tea) but to see the buildings and statues, pretty impressive. There is Gary in front of the Protical Son statue. Well overall we had a full experience and are glad we went. Now we must prepare for our big move. I hope our next holiday will be somewhere like Italy!!! Double click on the pics to make them larger. You really should take a look at the scorpions on Tiannas head, there was five!!